Step 1- Think it

For every entrepreneur it is very important to create a really good idea, the idea which will help to outstand in a future competition.

It is also important of course to make a business plan, market research and all the calculations but how can you start without your ground, without your idea. So, as I have said before we have been brainstorming possible products and services for our start-up for weeks. We came up with enormous amount of ideas like electric bicycles, underfloor heating and much more. As a part of our programme VISA company was kindly agreed to run a professional training with us.

However, it did not help. Until one very hard and long working day. I was completely out of power and really wished about nuts with bananas after the gym session. I asked my friend to bring me them from «TESCO» but unfortunately he forgot. Afterwards, I just thought how nice it would be if there was an on-line supermarket with an INSTANT delivery. And that is how it started.

Day 1 and 2

After I got an idea about Grocemania I just couldn’t stop thinking about it. It was some kind of inspiration. Suddenly, everything I have studied at University and Foundation started coming to my head. The night was sleepless.

Next morning I met our group and told them everything what I thought about. After my hour speech everyone was really impressed and liked the idea. As a part of our programme and of course we have studied it all, we decided to make the proper market research. Polina and Nikita started preparing surveys, while me and Jun where researching about the market. And here is some of the facts about it:

  • Instant online supermarket is a niche market in the UK with only 1 player, however with limitations
  • The only player is «Ocado» with annual revenue over 971m GBP, however the minimum order for INSTANT delivery is 80 pounds (due to its’ large size and location of they storages)
  • The «SPUD» is an American prototype of our idea was created in 2013 and in 2 years has expanded to 6 cities in biggest states of US. With first investments of over 250,000$ they have managed to achieve revenue level of over 200m $ a year in 2015
  • After a number of Surveys we have found that 82% of customers asked, states that they would like to use such service

As you understand, second day we have spent on doing our surveys and meeting new people. It was a very good experience as we have heard real people opinions and suggestions.

Grocemania | | On-Demand Grocery Delivery London

Grocemania | | On-Demand Grocery Delivery London


Grocemania | | On-Demand Grocery Delivery London


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