Meet «Grocemania» ! :)

Grocemania | | On-Demand Grocery Delivery London

Grocemania | | On-Demand Grocery Delivery London

Hello to everyone!

My name is Askar Bulegenov and I am a final year student at Kingston University studying (BA Hons) International Business. And this year me and my team will try to start a real business with all knowledges and experience we gained at University. It will be a very interesting adventure for us and everyone reading this. So let me introduce you my team. We are a group of five international students from Kazakhstan, Korea and Russia. We divided a roles and responsibilities between each other and they look following:

  1. Askar Bulegenov (me), Kazakhstan, Almaty, 20 y.o. — Managerial Director/ CEO
  2. Polina Torshina, Russia, Moscow, 21 y.o.- Marketing Director/ Lawyer
  3. Jun Taek Hong, Korea, Seoul, 23 y.o.- Finance Director/ P.A.
  4. Nikita Danilenkov, Russia, St. Petersburg 21 y.o.- Operations Director/ Logistics Manager
  5. Kibum Kwung, Korea, Seoul 22 y.o.- Marketing Director

So, to start it is crucial for any entrepreneur to have a good IDEA and BE PASSIONATE about your idea. Our team have been trying to make an idea for over than 3 weeks, unfortunately unsuccessfully. We had a meeting with «Visa» representatives what also did not help us a lot. So, one late evening after a very long and a hard day, I was very tired and wanted to do nothing. I had to go for a shop to do my grocery, when I though what if … 🙂

That is how «Grocemania» was born, but all the details of business itself you will see in the next post 😉

For now I want to share with you on thing, that to run your own business you should live like it is the only thing in your live and be passionate about it ! It’s been 3 days since me and the whole team were doing the research, marketing plan, cash forecasts, surveys and a lot of other different things. But still, we all feel very passionate about it and waiting for Saturday to launch our project !

My next blog will be uploaded soon, where I will reveal the secret IDEA of my business. Researches, marketing and strategies will be also presented in there.

That is all for today, thank you all for reading my blog!

Kindly yours, Askar Bulegenov.


Grocemania | | On-Demand Grocery Delivery London